Choose from 25 mazes around Czech!

Games for both children and adults

Hello kids! Along with my brother Kubík we take care of our family pet. We feed and play with him and enjoy it very much! Sometimes it can be very naughty, because it is a...

Barča, wait! Kids should guess what pet we have. Kids, come and see us in the maze! In the maze you will find 8 game boards with pictures of animals. Each of the animals will help you discover the identity of our pet. If you guess it correctly, you will receive a reward!

How to guess what pet we have?

In the maze there are 8 boards with pictures of an animal. Below the picture of the animal there are empty fields. The number of fields equals to the number of letters in the name of the animal. One of the fields is highlighted. This is the field with the letter you are looking for to solve the puzzle. It doesn’t matter which board you visit first or how quickly you find the board. Each board is marked with a number, so you will know into which field the letter belongs.


The picture shows the elephant, in Czech it is "SLON"

Write letter L on your card, which you receive together with the ticket.

Write the letter into the highlighted field.

If you are at board no.1, write the letter L as the first letter, etc.

The Game

Each visitor will receive a game card together with their entrance ticket. On the back of the card there is space for solving each of the 5 puzzles, with room for 5 stamps. For visiting a maze (can be the same one numerous times) and solving the puzzle you will get a stamp. When you have collected 5 stamps you will be rewarded with a special ‘The Cornies’ badge.

Please note, the Games for both kids and adults with the game boards located in the maze are only in Czech. We hope you will take this as a challenge and with help of a dictionary or other wanderers in the maze you can solve the puzzles and learn a little bit of Czech.

Colour distinguishing of the mazes

The mazes are divided into five categories according to colours (yellow, green, blue, red and pink). Each colour indicates one of the puzzles and help you choose the maze you are missing in your collection.
Each maze is unique as well as interesting facts you can learn, therefore it does not matter if you solvepuzzlesfrom more mazes of the same colour.