Choose from 11 mazes around Czech Republic!


A corn maze is an entertaining choice for various corporate events. Get lost in the maze with your boss and colleagues, and try to beat them in a race against the clock in a true adrenaline challenge or you can practice your Czech language skills in another game!

Are you looking for unusual and original outdoor teambuilding activities? The corn maze the size of almost two football pitches is a great choice! Get lost in over 11 corn mazes all around the Czech Republic! Prove your exceptional sense of direction!

What skills are put to the test in the maze and what are the benefits?

  • sense of direction and perception
  • teamwork
  • puzzle solving
  • to have fun and relax in the great outdoors
  • appreciation of nature and ecology

Booking your trip to a maze

Are you interested in wandering in our cornfields? We would be happy to arrange a suitable time, and can also arrange for the maze to be available outside of regular opening hours. Please contact us.