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A game for the small ones - Hide and seek with The Cornies family!

Hello kids!

Did you enjoy last year’s wandering? For us, the Cornies it was absolutely corny cool! Winter was long and we missed you so much, now we are looking forward to seeing you and your family during whole summer.

In previous years you managed to oust all monsters from our mazes, therefore we have decided to prepare a new game just by ourselves and our family have hided in maze. Each of us are holding a sign with one letter. Daddy Otík is taking care of green letter, mommy Mína has red letters, Barča takes care of yellow and Kubík guards blue letters. Your task is to find all letters we hide in the corn field. Together we can also practice alphabet and colors!

How to search for The Cornies?

Along with your entrance ticket you will get a game card, with four color rows: yellow, blue, red and green. From the letters hidden in the maze you can collect four words that help you to guess the secret. What connects these words? And kids - this is your task to find out to earn a reward..

For example: When you manage to find Daddy Otík with a sign stating letter Y, a green stripe and number 3, on the card you write the letter Y in the line with the green dot and in the 3rd field. Nothing difficult.

This procedure gives you a four words that are hints for revealing the secret. SYMBOL, MASK, SPORT AND PLUSH. What do they have in common? Who do you meet at sport events in a mask and plush suit? You are right! It is a mascot! You successfully found the fifth word you searched for!

The fifth secret won’t be found in the maze but in your head! The reward is yours!

Each maze is unique but together all secrets have something in common: the main whole republic theme secret! If you manage to reveal this secret you gain a very special surprise. Visit more our mazes, decipher more secrets and find out what word is hidden from everyone else!

Colorful attraction

The color range selection of signs is not random, these are their favorite colors! Daddy Otík is a big fan of ecology and likes everything related to nature, this is why he likes green color. Mommy Mína is very proud of her beautiful yellow hair. Barča loves red and likes to eat red fruit, especially strawberries and cherries. Kubík on the other hand likes to spend the whole summer by the water watching the blue sky without a single cloud, that is why his favorite color is blue.

Game for adults - searching for letters

Dears, don’t think that Cornies family forgot about you - adults! For all dads, moms, grandmas, grandads, aunts and uncles, we have prepared a very special task. In order to stretch not only your legs, but also train your head, the goal you need to complete is to find in total of 8 boards with various letters in the maze. These letters help you to gain a reward. We just don’t want you to feel sorry that you would leave with nothing in compering to our small adventurers.

From letter to letter

Have you thoroughly went through the maze and found all 8 letters? If so, the more insidious part is waiting - your own imagination! Who of you found less letters than nine, you don’t be despair, however you now need to torment your brain. From the letter you typed into the empty boxes in the upper corner of the game card, you now need to create 6 words varying in length using your own skills and vocabulary range.. The length of the words you find out from the number of empty boxes. Complete this super corny task and reward will be given!

Example: from the leetrs S,T,O,S,A,P,L and O you can create 6 words that fit to all rows by number of boxes.

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