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Games for both children and adults 2017

Hello children,

Have you enjoyed wandering last year? For us, the Cornies it was absolutely wonderful! You are all very skillful and you guess what kind of animals we are keeping at home. We care about the kids, the gerbil, the hen, the frog and the rabbit! Very good. All the winter we and Kubík were wondering what you might like this year!

And finally we figure it out! Barča is a little afraid that you will be scared, but I know you are fearless! But you better grab a mum or dad's hand so they can not be afraid. The monsters are hiding in the maze! But they are good and cute.

And what are their names? By alphabet letters! You can find there, for example, K, A, C and Z, but more! It's important to know what their surnames are! These are only four. For example, D is called D Red, D Yellow, D Blue and D Green. Together we practice the alphabet and the colors!

How the monster helps to decipher the secret

The game card looks exactly the same as last year. There are five rows of free fields on it. Each row was for one maze. This will be different this year! Use all 5 rows in one maze! You will complement the four multicolored lines. The fifth you have to guess.

In our kingdom of Cornies, tables of monsters will be hidden - what a monster one letter. The color number in the top left corner is also important. It is there to know in which color line and in which field the letter to write.

Example: You have found a K-shaped image in the maze, now you know that you write this letter in the box. The blue four in the corner tells you that you write down the blue line to the fourth field. Easy, right?

But five secrets were said

Have you already filled in all fourcolor lines? And do not you know what the fifth is for? The four words you spelled out serve as a clue to the fifth. Come together to reflect on what you have come up with in the secrets. In the blue line, we have a train, in a yellow backpack, in a green snack, in a red map. What do these things have in common? Where do we go by train with a backpack, a snack and a map in hand? Correctly! On a trip! This is the fifth word we are looking for!

I will not find the fifth secret in a maze, but in my head! And the reward is certain!

Colorful attraction

Why do the monsters have surnames by color? They are the favorite colors of Cornies! Barča loves the red and she eats all red fruits, especially strawberries and cherries! Daddy Otík likes more vegetables and therefore everything that is green! Mummy Mína is proud of her beautiful yellow hair and Kubík? As a boy, he must have everything blue. That's why you'll find your favorite Cornie for every color!