Choose from 15 mazes around Czech Republic!


Here you can find the results of our interactive game. Every player has the opportunity to go through the labyrinth and save their time under a chosen nickname, and therefore not only race against the clock but also compete against other players. In the table below you will find the results from each of the mazes. Furthermore, you will also find the ‘League of Wanderers’ that you can be a part of if you visit more than 3 different corn mazes. To join the league, simply enter your result in each labyrinth under the same nickname (password protected).

Place Time Nick Penalty
1 00:04:44 Janek 0
2 00:10:10 Adél 0
3 00:20:56 kulíšek 0
4 00:29:10 TM73 0
5 00:33:45 pišťalka 0
6 00:39:47 Ryba 0
7 00:40:18 KC 0
8 00:54:08 cambis 0
9 01:02:09 0
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