Choose from 15 mazes around Czech Republic!

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  1. By purchasing a ticket you agree to abide by the visiting rules.
  2. Entering the maze is at your own risk.
  3. A valid ticket should be kept with you at all times while in the maze.
  4. Minors must to be accompanied by their legal representatives; the operator does not take responsibility for the supervision of children.
  5. Childer under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a paying adult.
  6. Entry with animals is allowed, but only when the animal is kept on a leash.
  7. It is forbiden to enter the maze under the influence of alcohol.
  8. It is forbidden to write on or deface the game boards.
  9. It is forbidden to tear or damage the corn, and therefore damage the maze.
  10. It is forbidden is to walk outside the marked paths.
  11. Visitors to the maze are liable for the damage caused by negligence or intent or for damages caused to other visitors.
  12. When in breach of any of the above, we reserve the right to immediately expel a visitor without grounds for any financial compensation.
  13. In the event of injury in the maze, the injured party shall be obliged to report this injury without any delay to a member of staff; in the case of children their guardian shall report the incident on their behalf.
  14. Taking photos for professional purposes or redistribution is allowed, but only with the prior permission of the company operating the facility.
  15. A visitor entering the maze agrees that any authorised photos and video taken by the company operating the facility, can be used at discretion of the operator, without the visitor´s claim for compensation.
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