Choose from 11 mazes around Czech Republic!

Main Information

All mazes are closed for season 2021!
For the most update information about opening of individual mazes, follow maze page and our profiles on Facebook or Instagram.

Are you thinking about where to take your kids on a trip? A trip to a corn maze is a great idea, not only at the weekend! You will not only experience an unconventional adventure in the fresh air, but also give your brain and your sense of direction a workout.

Where can you find the mazes?

Corn mazes are najdete na located in 11 places all around the Czech Republic. Key information about each labyrinth can be found in overview of mazes. Each of the corn mazes has a unique route plan, so a new challenge awaits on each visit. Each maze has a number of routes so you can choose whether you want to enjoy slower or longer lasting fun.

Size of the maze

The mazes are of different sizes, some with an area from 1 to 1,5 hectares. To give you an idea about how big the maze is, imagine a size of a football field. Do you have it? Now, expand your mind and imagine that each of the labyrinths is even bigger.

What can you expect?

There are 20 game boards for kids and 8 game boards for adults , located in the maze that are important for (game for both children and adults). Furthermore you will also find 8 game boards with QR code of (interactive game). In the maze you will also find a presentation dedicated to ecology and waste sorting plus other surprises.

Game for both kids and adults is about finding a secret.With the game especially designed for smaller visitors you would be able to guess the secret with clues you get from 20 letters found. Our family of The Cornies is hiding in the maze and on each spot they reyeal one letter. Solve the complete puzzle and you will be rewarded with a reflective badge. Game for adults tests besides your legs also your vocabulary. In the maze there are in total 8 letters of which 6 words of varying length are necessary to complete so you get rewarded. The more letters you find, the easier it will be to complete the task. More here.

Interactive game is a time-based game where you try to find 8 QR codes on the boards as fast as possible, scan them with your mobile phone and find your way out of the maze. Be the fastest in the League of Wanderers... More here.

In addition, in the maze there are the instructional boards of EKO-KOM, a.s. Authorized Packaging Company, which describe to visitors the route of waste from their origin to their final use or disposal, while explaining that waste sorting is far from complicated. The right searchers will also reveal a special exposition in the maze with examples of four recycling cycles of paper, plastic, glass and beverage carton.

How long does it take to go through maze?

It all depends on the type of game you choose, and on your orienteering skills. You can just walk through the maze or play some of our games. If you play the game, you could stay in a maze for more than 1 hour.

What to bring?

In addition to appropriate clothing and shoes, don´t forget your mobile phone or tablet (with OS Android) so you can play our interactive game. First of all download the app “Kukřičáci” make sure you have the QR code reader installed on you device. If you have an active data on your phone, you can also download the application at the cash desk. If you don’t want to play the interactive game, but you want to solve the puzzle, don’t forget to take a pencil or pen with you! Along with your entrance ticket you will get a game card, where you can write the results of the puzzles.


We kindly ask all visitors to keep in mind, that the maze is located in a cornfield. Therefore, even when it rains a few days before your visit, the soil in the field might not have dried up yet. Please choose appropriate footwear, e.g. Wellingtons, or spare clothing you can change into later in the car.

What if I get lost?

Please don´t be concerned that you would wander in the maze forever. In the autumn the crop will be harvested! Seriously, in front of each maze there is a map showing the pathways, so you can get a clear picture in advance of how the maze is laid out.

What is not allowed?

We are all here to have a great time! However, all fun has to have its limits. We kindly ask visitors to walk only along marked pathways and please do not tear the corn. The corn will be eventually be harvested and processed after all. We also would like you to be aware that fire and corn leaves don’t mix. If you wish to smoke, please do so before entering the maze or, when you will find the way out, reward yourself with a winning cigarette! You are allowed to take your baby carriage and pet with you! In the labyrinth the animals are on the game boards, but your pet should remain on a leash. Thank you.

For more information, see the Visiting Rules.